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PatientCall allows you to communicate with your patients via Telephone, Text Message or E-mail quickly and inexpensively. Whether to remind them of appointments, an office closing due to weather, a missed appointment, or to let them know you haven’t seen them in a while, PatientCall is the easiest-to-use, least expensive service on the market.

  • Call, Text or Email your patients in seconds.
  • No setup or activation fees.
  • No hardware or software to purchase.
  • No long term contracts to sign.
  • Seamless Interface With Your Patient Data

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Examples of scripts for your office

Appointment Reminders: (professionally recorded by PatientCall) Hello, this is ABC Medical. We are calling you with an important appointment reminder. John has an appointment on Thursday, January, 28th at 9:00 am. Please Press 1 to repeat this message. Please press 9 to reschedule this appointment. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday at Model Chiropractic. Goodbye.

Event Script: (You can record and upload or have it professionally recorded by PatientCall) Hello, this is ABC Medical calling you with an important message about the Jenn Fe’ Weight Patch meeting this Monday night. Come into our office this coming Monday night at 7pm to find out more about the Jenn Fe’ Weight Loss patch and how it can increase your energy and help lose weight. Call our office at 555-#### to reserve your spot. If you wish to be removed from future Informational Calls from this office, please call 1-877-###-#### with code [2424] or go to and type in the code MODEL.

Office Closing: (Quick messages like this can be sent out Text to Speech or you can quickly record) Hello, this is ABC Medical. Due to snow, we are closing the office early today at 2pm. Please call us first thing in the morning starting at 8:30am to reschedule your appointment. Be safe and stay warm. Press 1 to repeat this message. Goodbye.
Other Scripts: Other custom scripts include: Missed appointment calls, Birthday Calls, Special Events, Re-activation campaigns, and more. Be innovative. Your PatientCall customer service team is there to help you maximize your PatientCall experience and utilize all of your Commtacts® as efficiently as possible.

PatientCall Integration Partners - EXPAND TO LEARN MORE

PatientCall has been developed to easily integrate with your software package. We have integration options ranging from simply pushing XLM files to a Secure FTP site to advanced Web Services taking advantage of Windows Communication Foundation.

Any of these options create the automated sharing of appointment data between your system and PatientCall. Together we will choose the appropriate interface and quickly make updates.


Effective and Affordable

PatientCall is effective and affordable no matter how large your organization. Please contact us for the pricing plan that will work best for you!

Appointment Reminders:
Pick your monthly Appointment Reminder plan that best fits your needs. Appointment communications expire monthly.

For all of your electronically opted in patients, you can send out regular health announcements, specials, events, and newsletters. 

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“I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience we have had with our PatientCall service. Our patients are pleasantly surprised to have a voice call them and remind them of their appointment. They have come to rely on those reminder calls very quickly. Our office staff has quick access to cancellation information and they are able to reschedule the patient promptly. Our failure rate is down and we want to keep it that way. The effectiveness is exemplified by one day that PatientCall did not fire. Our failure rate went from one or two percent to thirty percent in one day!!!!! That let us know how effective PatientCall really is. I wouldn’t want to be without it again.”

Dr. Elaine Adams, Lifetime Chiropractic, Albuquerque, NM